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Snow on Ford in The Daily Beast:

Henry Ford is among the strangest--and in some ways the least appealing of great men. He believed the Jews had invented jazz as part of a race-wide campaign to corrupt, then dominate, America. In 1915 he chartered an ocean liner, filled it with intellectuals and journalists, and set sail for Europe ablaze with a messianic intention. In the worlds of The New York Times's headline, "GREAT WAR TO END CHRISTMAS DAY. FORD TO STOP IT." He famously said history was bunk, and then spent the latter part of his life building on some empty acreage in Dearborn, Michigan a vast museum devoted to American history.

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How Detroit's 'Hive Mind' Created the U.S. Auto Industry.

Corporate jargon has now given us the term "hive mind," which expresses the belief that a group of individuals working in proximity can achieve a sort of critical mass that will generate more and better ideas than an individual working alone could. Many businesses in Silicon Valley seek to foster this creative environment. This isn't a new idea.

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A Walk Through Henry Ford's Mind.

A small sampling of the treasures to be found in Henry Ford's great and endlessly fascinating museum in Dearborn.

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