I Invented the Modern Age

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I Invented the Modern Age is the amazing story of an amazing man, told with wit, insight, style, and zest. Richard Snow makes the invention of the automobile intelligible and fascinating even to car ignoramuses such as myself. His story of the man is simply riveting. This is history as it should always be told. — Kevin Baker, author of Striver’s Row

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A Measureless Peril

“Far more than a story of battle, A Measureless Peril is a riveting account of the quotidian life of a nation at war. Snow writes of the home-hankering effect of fresh-baked bread tasted aboard a ship far from home; of the affectionate, kidding, and deeply longing letters from men at sea and the women who wait for them; of the pain of seeing other men die and the peculiar pride of doing an unpalatable impossible job well. ”

- Ellen Feldman, author of Lucy, the Boy Who Loved Anne Frank, and Scottsboro